Upholstery and decorative fabrics

Our collection of upholstery and decorative fabrics is perfect for creating a new world in people’s homes. Our high-end jacquard fabrics and plain-weave interior fabrics are all made in our own weaving mill in Belgium. We use only the finest natural fibres, such as: Belgian linen, wool, cotton, alpaca, mohair, silk and cashmere. Then we add a touch of soul to our upholstery and decorative fabrics with various finishing techniques. We recently added a range of high performance fabrics for outdoor use and fire retardent fabrics for the contract market.

We believe the true value of high-end fabrics lies in the blend of natural weaving yarns and exclusive designs that will always be in style. So, as we help our clients find the fabric, design and finishing that express their vision, we also help them create a completely new and custom-made end result.

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